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Fashion Trends 2021

When people describe fashion as having “something for everyone” in terms of trend variety, a lot of the time they’re totally bluffing. Usually, it’s all about pastels and florals, or solely focused on grungy, punk aesthetics—never both. It’s rare for there to be a balance of femme and masc trends in one year, but the 2021 runway fashion trends don’t lie, and this time around there really is something for everyone. TBH, we all deserve it.

What do I mean, exactly? Well, a lot of the 2021 trends appear to oppose one another, whereas in the past, trends have tended to work together—for example, it’s unlikely for florals to trend at the same time as edgy spikes, and more likely for them to trend when skirts are having a moment, or ladylike handbags are in. That said, in 2021, opposites attract.

Streamlined monochromatic neutrals are all the rage, and so are head-to-toe prints that make a major statement. Soft, frilly pieces with tons of ruffles are trending, but so are sharp, defined silhouettes and the return of the shoulder pad. Lastly, 2020’s suiting trend continues to thrive, but so does a more bohemian aesthetic, encouraging dreamy prairie vibes that are far less structured.

With so many opposing trends to consider, it can be hard to know how to shop, but in fact, having all these options is a good thing. You have the chance to experiment with hard and soft, edgy and sweet, and see which look you gravitate towards more. Or, you might end up combining them for a personalized flair that’s all your own. Who says you can’t wear ruffles with shoulder pads? A boho dress with a suiting blazer? How you style these trends will tell the tale.


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