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Brenda Paige Ward

Brenda Ward is State Director of Alabama National Juneteenth Observance Foundation. This didn't just happen over night; but over years of dedication and hard work. A divine order from God lead Brenda to put together a 3 day March in 2 days for a then 92 year old Historian named, Mrs. Opal Lee. Mrs. Lee took on the arduous task of walking across America to gather up signatures to make Juneteenth a Federal Paid Holiday on all U.S. Calendars.

Jimmie Polk was Director of Alabama Juneteenth for 16 years, after his passing, Dr. Ronald Myers then CEO appointed Brenda Ward as his successor. Brenda admitted that she first didn't want the position. But after much thought, reflection and deliberation, the possibility of the end result was revealed to her. One month before Juneteenth of 2016, Brenda accepted the position as from Dr. Myers to be State Director of Alabama National Juneteenth.

The challenges were great and the battles were intense; but on Wednesday June 17, 2021 after The House and Senate passed bill S.475 unanimously, President Joe Biden signed the Bill into law, making Juneteenth a National and Federally Paid Holiday. Normally it takes 3 years for a bill to go into effect, President Biden made it effective immediately.

Brenda Ward is an Apostle of Seed Bearers Ministry, She holds a Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Programming. Brenda wears many hats here in the City of Birmingham with many Awards & Merits, Brenda has two Nationally published books: Midnight and Books of Poems. Brenda has traveled to many places, home and abroad, she is extremely proud of the skin that she's in.Brenda says, "I'm gonna continue and see where the Lord will carry me next with the teachings of the National Juneteenth".



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