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DJ Chocolate Launches Grown & Greek® Fashion

As a professional DJ, Phaith “DJ Chocolate” Frazier would often travel to various cities across the United States and Internationally to places like Mexico and the Dominican Republic to perform. One thing that she noticed in each location that she visited was someone in the audience would be a part of one of the Black Greek Letter Organizations known as the Divine 9, which consists of five fraternities and four sororities. As a member of one of the D9 sororities, Ms. Frazier felt this connection was truly unique, because the nine organizations were founded primarily on black college campuses by African Americans and now can be found across the globe.

In 2015 Ms. Frazier launched the Grown & Greek® brand that is now a trademarked company. Grown & Greek® began as a web-based program called Grown and Greek® TV. As she continued to travel the United States and abroad working as a professional DJ, she would plan ahead to connect with members of the D9 in cities like Los Angeles, Tampa, Houston, Dallas, Memphis and New York to network and collect stories of professional accomplishments and community service.

In 2021 Ms. Frazier took the Grown & Greek® brand to the next level and launched Grown & Greek® Fashion – a luxury fashion and apparel company catering to the D9 Lifestyle. The initial launch, which was virtual, provided access to the Grown & Greek® flagship collection of accessories for both men and women.

The collection is vibrant, chic, and colorful. The leather products are beautiful and functional at the same time. The combinations of colors are purposefully engaging, creating an outlet for the Black Greek community to connect with each other and to amplify the sense of belonging. The intricacies of the designer patterns and prints evoke a sense of adventure for wearers and onlookers alike. The collection’s initial launch features cross body bags for men and women, travel bags, pocket squares, eyeglass cases and bow ties, swimsuit coverups, and capes for women with additional items launching soon.

Grown & Greek® Fashion was created and inspired by my own experience as a member of a Black Greek Letter Organization. Each piece displays the unique sophistication that each organization represents with luxurious style and design. The introduction to the Club Debut platform facilitated by BulLion Entertainment of New York gave me the opportunity to work with the Miami based designer and Club Debut founder Kesi Gibson. This fashion brand personifies the definition of chic, class, and elegance. Through the brand design and development process, the brand has already lined-up a series of collaborations creating limited and exclusive collections to be introduced throughout the course of the year and into 2022. We hope to do some things in Miami and return to New York as well as present our products to a distinguished audience at selected events across the country,” says Ms. Frazier.

According to Ms. Frazier the true to the spirit, history, and tradition of D9 foundational values, the Grown & Greek® brand emphasizes community, brotherhood and sisterhood, and scholastic achievement. The brand uses fashion as a vehicle to exemplify the poise, elegance, and grace of people of color. Discover the collection at

Ms. Frazier, who is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is also the Promotions Director and a radio personality for Cumulus Radio in Huntsville, Alabama. You can hear her live during “Chocolate’s Midday Vibe” Monday – Friday from 10:00am – 2:00pm on 94.1 WHRP-FM. To find out more about DJ Chocolate’s tour schedule and new announcements for Grown & Greek® visit or follow @djchocolatedotcom on Instagram.



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