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By: Victoria L. Coman

In a global economy, brand management and public relations are pillars of a business’ foundation, but building and maintaining good relationships is the driving force behind networking and brokering deals.

For the last 15 years, the relationship between businessman and philanthropist Bob Dickerson and The Birmingham Market magazine has provided an avenue to share information about people, programs, and opportunities to improve the Birmingham Metropolitan Area. For Dickerson, that relationship also is, “…one of the keys to business success.”

Dickerson said there have been other attempts at publishing periodicals that featured the Black perspective in the Birmingham area, but The Birmingham Market Magazine had the most to offer. The Market Magazine features stories on topics including politics, profiles on people in the community, education, lifestyle, health, fashion, faith, and business.

“I’ve known about the Market Magazine since its launch 20 years ago. I always saw it as a publication that filled a void that was needed in the community,” he said. “The Market stood out because it seemed to feature and promote every positive aspect of African-American life in Birmingham."

Dickerson said there have been very few if any of the Market's magazines throughout the past 15 years that didn’t have an article or an ad related to an initiative in which he is involved. Coverage has included information about:

  • The A. G. Gaston Conference ( which helps train African-American entrepreneurs while honoring the legacy of Birmingham icon, Dr. A.G. Gaston.

  • The Birmingham Business Resource Center or BBRC (, which helps people start, grow and develop small businesses.

  • Building Alabama Reinvestment or BAR, ( which is the state’s Community Reinvestment coalition.

  • Foundation Capital ( which assists businesses with Small Business Administration loans.

“Marketing is a necessity for any business," Dickerson said. "Every company needs a marketing budget and needs to be consistent, thinking of marketing as an expense like any other business expense that reoccurs. Relationships are one of the keys to business success."

“The relationship we have with the magazine has allowed us to have a relationship with a great publication through which to market our events and services." The Market Magazine has something for everyone, it is truly all inclusive.

Dickerson said some upcoming events to watch for include a BAR training event in October, the 2022 A. G. Gaston Conference in February, and the BBRC’s monthly City Source Opportunity Forums.


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