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Salute to President Andrew Hugine, Jr.

Prior to arriving on the Alabama A&M University campus in mid-July 2009, Dr. Andrew Hugine, Jr., had acquired numerous credentials in the higher education arena. Hugine served as Director of the Special Services Program; Director of the University Year for Action Program; Research Fellow; Assistant and Director of Institutional Self-Study; Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of Mathematics; Interim Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and President of South Carolina State University (his Alma Mater.

Hugine earned the B.S. degree in mathematics and the M.Ed. degree in mathematics education from South Carolina State University, and later received the Ph.D. degree in higher education/institutional research at Michigan State University.

During a stellar administration at Alabama A&M University, Hugine’s major accomplishments can be summarized in 10 major categories: 1) a phenomenal strategic plan, replete with accreditations and new degree programs; 2) generating several University distinctions and rankings; 3) significant increases in enrollment and retention; 4) noteworthy research awards; 5) human capital investments; 6) community engagement and service; 7) strengthening of financial management systems; 8) capital infrastructure improvement; 9) boosting philanthropic support; and 10) economic influence and impact.

Upon his retirement scheduled December 31, 2021, Dr. Hugine will leave behind thousands of well-wishers, as well as much evidence of his continuing impact in the form of ongoing construction of the William Hooper Councill Memorial Plaza, the Event Center, and the Welcome Center.

Dr. Hugine and his wife Abbiegail of more than 40 years have an adult son, Andrew Hugine, III, and a daughter-in-law, Karen; an adult daughter, Akilah Hugine-Elmore, and a son-in-law, Quincy Elmore; and three grandchildren—grandsons, Amir and Kal-el; and a granddaughter, Nylah.


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